Starborne Republica: Colonize

  Developing a game the size of an MMO can take quite awhile. During this time interested players begin to lose interest, or in the case of Indie Developers, players doubt that the game will ever come out. This is why we made the decision to release a single player/mutliplayer version of Starborne Republica on Steam Early Access that will have many of the same features that our MMO will have once it is ready to be released.

  Just like with our MMO you can expect this game to take heavy inspiration from Star Wars Galaxies. This doesn't mean we are stopping development on the MMO, as that work will continue. Everything that we design for this game will make it into the MMO. This is also a good way for us to engage with our playerbase so that we can build and/or change game features to fit their feedback. This approach will get the game, as is, into players hands immediately and allow the community to have input into the direction of the game's development.

Sandbox Style Crafting and Player-Driven Economy
Gather raw materials with harvesters and craft armor, weapons, buildings and a variety of vehicles for yourself or to sell to other players.

Open World Housing
Non-instanced player housing and player created colonies so you can own your own slice of the world. Create your own colony and become a Mayor or join an existing colony to setup shop with player owned vendors.

Mission Terminals
Gather your friends and embark on a journey to complete terminal missions to earn experience and credits. The bigger the group, the higher the experience bonus. Many SWG players will have fond memories of running groups to socialize and knock out their missions.

Skill Trees
We use a skill point based system instead of character classes where you can customize your own skills from multiple skill trees. This is comparable to the multi-class system from SWG.

Action Combat
Unlike SWG we have a more modern combat system that is a skill based action combat system with no tabbed targetting.

Variety of Mounts
We have an assortment of sci-fi themed Player-crafted mounts available in game.

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